Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Water Problems and how is science solving it

Why Do People Fight for Water?

The Tap Water we Take we take it for granted. But for many people across the world it is a rare commodity. Many people in many different Areas do not have Clean water. Many areas in Africa especially Northern Africa. But why there is so lack of water. There are so many reasons like a lot of waste of water now a days, lack of rainfall in certain areas, also so much of use because of of population increases .

But in science there is always a solution.Scientists recently Discovered turning salty water into drinking water through desalination process. Many new Technologies are coming recently like Membrane technology similarly Membrane Bioreactors. Additional Research include membranes that can filter toxicants like boron.

This pic is of Desalination process.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

How Technology Helps Us

                                 How Technology helps us......

                 Now a Days Technology is everywhere.This is the most heard line in any speech,essay or a Blog.But it is true,Now a days it is and everybody should know and learn about it.Technology is a great Learning Experience. Like Programming is. A lot of people now a days are learning Programming now a days you can see a lot of amazing apps are coming in market Now a days. which are built buy app developers. Small kids are learning programming on their own and publishing their apps. Bill gates was introduced to computer when he was Thirteen. And Now he runs one of the most successful company who built and sell computers and he is also most Richest man on planet.

                So Technology is Advancing a lot.And technology is helping a lot in connecting people.Just see Facebook developed by Mark zukerberg. Facebook helps lot of people to connect from two difference places. See Steve jobs he was introduced to programming without any Technical Knowledge and he loved Programming and He said "every Body in this country should learn programming it helps you to think". 

                 So as I said earlier that Technology is everytime.Like Cannibies Which has 34 treatments for Cancer but is not FDA approved and chemotherapy on other side was first discovered by poisoning people with mustard gas . If technology is used in another way it is terribly destructive. And another thing is Technology is attracts a lot of people so people get into learning and they learn a lot. so if a technology is made it should be efficient, efficient means first it should be safe,Fast and effective.    

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Gaming and Technology

Now a days Technology and Gaming has become popular a lot.
Games like clash of clanes,pokemon go,call of duty,IGI,NFS...etc.But evrything has its advantages and disadvantages. I am also a Great Game lover or Gamer. There are different ways of Playing Games like playing in smartphone or iphone, computer,PSP,PS2,PS3,Xbox,different ways.

As Gaming is Advancing Technology is Advancing as childrens and Teens which are really more Attracted Towards Gaming. And as they they get more attracted they learn more about Technology. And also there are also some Disadvantages. Like children mostly sit at one place and play games
and as our medical science says sitting at one place is not good for Health,it develops lot of physical pains. Mostly most of parents complain about their mostly Childrens that because of this Gaming techs the childrens do not play outside on the ground,So there is no physical exercise for Their body.(So some peoples make a game like pokemon Go so childrens go on a walk to find pokemon and lost their self.)and mostly children thinks that if I can play a game on home which I can play on Ground than why I should go on the ground. So at a point parents are also Right and childrens are also. And see its about making balance Computer gaming and etc and physical games both are necessary. So lets get to the point advances in Gaming Technology....

By getting touch in with Gaming and Technology Childrens also learn a lot about Technology. They start reading blogs on internet about Games and new Technologies coming (Like me). They become smart and like learning new things,gaming also works on their Brain a lot. And if they get more Interested in future they might think building a game and publish it or sell it .