Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Gaming and Technology

Now a days Technology and Gaming has become popular a lot.
Games like clash of clanes,pokemon go,call of duty,IGI,NFS...etc.But evrything has its advantages and disadvantages. I am also a Great Game lover or Gamer. There are different ways of Playing Games like playing in smartphone or iphone, computer,PSP,PS2,PS3,Xbox,different ways.

As Gaming is Advancing Technology is Advancing as childrens and Teens which are really more Attracted Towards Gaming. And as they they get more attracted they learn more about Technology. And also there are also some Disadvantages. Like children mostly sit at one place and play games
and as our medical science says sitting at one place is not good for Health,it develops lot of physical pains. Mostly most of parents complain about their mostly Childrens that because of this Gaming techs the childrens do not play outside on the ground,So there is no physical exercise for Their body.(So some peoples make a game like pokemon Go so childrens go on a walk to find pokemon and lost their self.)and mostly children thinks that if I can play a game on home which I can play on Ground than why I should go on the ground. So at a point parents are also Right and childrens are also. And see its about making balance Computer gaming and etc and physical games both are necessary. So lets get to the point advances in Gaming Technology....

By getting touch in with Gaming and Technology Childrens also learn a lot about Technology. They start reading blogs on internet about Games and new Technologies coming (Like me). They become smart and like learning new things,gaming also works on their Brain a lot. And if they get more Interested in future they might think building a game and publish it or sell it .